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Domain names like pollyhowat-storyteller.co.uk are used to identify one or multiple IP (Internet Protocol) addresses on the internet. They generally use a text based labelling system which makes remembering the domain address much easier than the actual IP address which is largely numerical.

Today there are many variations of domain names available unlike in the early days of the internet which mainly had GTLDs (generic top level domains) such as .COM, .ORG partnered width ccTLDs (country code top-level domains) such as .co.uk, .ca, .ru.

With the domain resources being depleted a new range of domain name extensions were required that would enable personal users and businesses alike to establish a unique identity on the internet.

Now you can choose a domain name that corresponds to your business or interest such as .ART, .BIZ, .BANK, .CARS, .MEDIA.

The registration of a Domain Name is generally administered by Domain Name Registrars, they will enable you to register your chosen domain name and allow you to administer its use.

If you are in the Writing / Media industry then there are many available new domain extensions available to you to enable you to stand out.

These new domain extensions include;


This is just a small section of what is available in today's Domain Name market.

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